2019 Best of Assisted Living in Baltimore winner!

Our Mission:

Esther’s Place Assisted Living, located in Baltimore, provides quality care, celebrates personal dignity and encourages independence while engaging family and friends in a comfortable and social environment.

• Esther’s Place has a unique business model in that we are owned and operated by Registered Nurses Bev and Leslie, who are able to manage clients who have multi-system issues.  Esther’s Place is skilled in the treatment of medical conditions such as congestive heart failure, insulin dependent diabetes, dementia, and hypertension.

• Bev and Leslie have more than 60 years of combined nursing experience and practice a “hands on” approach with their clients.

Staff turnover rates are well below national averages with many of our team members working with us since opening 18 years ago.  Staff to client ratios are 1:5, much lower than facilities smaller or larger than ours.  The owners and staff should be your primary concern when considering your loved ones destination.

Trends in assisted living communities are moving toward smaller not larger structures.  A smaller site provides more personal care and less rotation of staff allowing for greater familiarity of staff and clients.  Our homes are designed to look and feel like a home, not an institution or hotel.

Our locations are licensed as Level 3 homes by the state of Maryland.  Family and clients need not worry that their decline will require a move to nursing home.  Our model has always been to manage client in place through end of life.